Application opens for 2024 entry!

Student Admission Regulations 2024/2025 (.pdf)


Applications for studies from May 20 to August 16.

Registration for studies and signing of the contract September 5!


Open door days: Tuesdays from 2 pm - 6 pm / 14:00 - 18:00.

The College of Accounting and Finance offers the following degree programs

First level professional higher education programs and modules:

Accounting and finance

  1. Accounting and Finance Study module "Legal knowledge"
  2. Accounting and Finance Study module "Audit knowledge"
  3. Accounting and Finance Study module "Financial Market Transactions"

Business and Finance

  1. Business and Finance Study Module “Small Business Finance and Management”
  2. Business and Finance Study module “Public Sector Administration and Finance”
  3. Business and Finance Study module “International Business”

Professional continuing education program:


After completing your first level of higher education at our college, you will have the opportunity to continue your studies at the second level of higher education. The College has concluded cooperation agreements with the following educational institutions:

  1. Riga Technical University;
  2. Latvian University of Agriculture;
  3. Transport and Telecommunication Institute;
  4. School of Business Administration Turiba;
  5. Banking Institution of Higher Education;
  6. University of Information Systems Management;
  7. Baltic International Academy;
  8. University of Culture and Economics;

Graduates Employment Rates

Student Admission Regulations 2023/2024 (.pdf)

Regulations of the Admission Commission (.pdf)

Branch By-Laws (.pdf)

Regulations on Competition for Budget Places (.pdf)

Regulations on the Procedure for Recognition of Study Results (.pdf)

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