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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Nordplus Adult

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(Nr. AD-2011_1a-25133)


Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania. Project Manager Tampere Adult Education Centre.
The project aims are:

Develop and adapt new and innovative methods of professional development training programs!

The project target groups:
• immigrants;
• Young students, adults without a prior work and life experience;
• Students who are exposed to unemployment

Duration of the project, 2011 August 1, 2013 July 31 !
 The project provides 4 project partner meetings - Stockholm, Riga (15.-16 March 2012), Kaunas, Tampere

At the first meeting:
• Identify 2-3 business partners;
• Investigate the category of staff that needs to be taught;
• Clarify the necessary skills and competences necessary for the employee;
• Prepare a training plan;
• Identify training delivery methods;
• If necessary, assist the employer to prepare an application for education funding.

Further action:

• Communicate recommendations for the preparation of professional development training programs;
• Meeting in Tampere for the summary of results.

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